Don't look now but Houston repper/rapper/self-promoter extraordinaire Mike Jones is back with his long-awaited second release, 'The Voice.'

It's been a while since Jones graced the masses with his double-platinum 2005 debut 'Who is Mike Jones?' and although his career never reached the heights he seemed destined to achieve between efforts, the number-whoring artist (he has a different cell number this time around) stuck to his considerable guns and proved to doubters in all corners of the hip-hop loving world that they haven't heard the last of the former Swishahouse staple.

"Politics and bullshit kept me a way from yall, and kept me away from the game" he pronounces in the intro. "But now I'm back, and y'all able to hear the voice of who? Mike Jones..."

And that we do. But not without a little help.

The likes of T-Pain, Lil Wayne and Twista ('Cuddy Buddy'), Trey Songz ('I Know'), Hurricane Chris ('Drop & Gimme 50'), and Devin the Dude ('Give Me a Call') more than capably deputize for Jones on the mic booth, while Big E, Mike D, Jim Jonsin, Essay Potna, and Mr. Collipark set the tone with bouncy, bubbly beats that will keep heads nodding and bodies sweating on club and party dance floors all summer.

A significant step up from from his 2007 EP release, 'The American Dream,' 'Voice' hits high notes with 'Scandalous Hoes' -- an introspective T-Pain-laced creation -- and 'Swag Thru Da Roof,' featuring Swole, while Drop & Give Me 50 with Hurricane Chris marks summit, percolating like a caffeinated chihuahua to Mr. Collipark's irresistible production.

Jones had been gone for a while, due to label issues and the murky waters that sometimes characterize the music business, but he's emerged stronger from his trials to show, once again, his voice can never be silenced.

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