While Migos member Offset is awaiting trial for drugs and weapon possession in Georgia, the rest of the clan are moving forward with promoting their upcoming debut album, YRN: Tha Album. On Sunday (June 14), the group released two new songs: “Pretty Little Lady” and “John Wick.”

Produced by Deko, “Pretty Little Lady” features Migos saluting independent women who are about their business. Over a tickling piano groove and a throbbing bass-heavy beat, Quavo raps, “Pretty lady, she got her own Mercedes / And she single, she thick and grown with no babies / I really wanna take little mama home and go crazy / But she won't let me, I can't do nothing but respect it.”

On “John Wick," Migos delivers a hard-edged, minimalist track inspired by Keanu Reeves’ 2014 film of the same name. On the Deko-produced song, the trio rap about dressing in all-black and packing heat.

"When them n----s killed my dog Pistol Pete / A n---- turned into John Wick / I told them my Mustang was not for sale / But they still trapped me like my name was John Wick / These n----s don't know who they f---in' with / Bodies poppin' up unfortunately / I'mma catch him slipping just like Ricky / When you plottin' on a n----, s--- get ugly,” raps Offset.

Because of Offset’s unfortunate incarceration, Migos’ debut effort, YRN: Tha Album, had to be pushed back from June 16 to July 31.

Check out Migos’ brand new singles below.

Listen to Migos' Song "Pretty Little Lady"

Listen to Migos' Song "John Wick"

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