Migos burst onto the scene with their catchy track 'Versace,' which was given a major boost when Drake hopped on the remix. The Atlanta collective keeps their buzz going by freestyling over the Toronto native's 'Pound Cake.'

The new track is from the group's forthcoming 'Y.R.N. (Young Rich N----s) 2' project. The original 'Pound Cake' was made famous by Drizzy and of course, Jay Z, who called out a bunch of folks on the effort, featured on the 'Nothing Was the Same' album.

The love between Migos and Drake has been ongoing for some time. The group explained how the superstar ran up on them at a concert as a true fan. "He came up to us and he started naming songs off the mixtape. That was crazy. If Drake came up to you naming songs of your mixtape, how you gon' feel?" group member TakeOff told MTV News.

Listen to Migos' 'Pound Cake' Freestyle