It’s been a busy weekend for Joe Budden. Along with dropping his fourth diss song at Drake called “Just Because” and getting harassed by Drake fanboys, another rapper released a diss track against Budden for no apparent reason.

Former battle rapper Mickey Factz dropped “Eye Witness,” a rappity-rap song aimed at Budden to show that he can get competitive with the lyrics as well. In a series of tweets, Factz insist the song is not an attack on the New Jersey rhymer but a friendly game of lyrical tit for tat.

Produced by Nottz, the song features Factz spitting lyrical jabs at the Slaughterhouse MC.

"Light skin n----s back in his crappy feelings / Ironically s--- is over a factz opinion / Notice the talent and cope with the silence / Drake ain’t respond and like a bitch you got emotional at it," he raps.

He then adds, "Ran from the ghost, no snapchat, this man wacker / Drake took Tahiry cookies, aubrey graham crack her / Triple entendre, boy we rocking, all these options and you chose Mickey? / The metaphor B Hopkins."

We have no idea why Factz wants to get into a beef between Budden and Drake, but it is what is. The 34-year-old rapper made it clear on Twitter that he doesn't have a problem with Budden.

"Love joe. Been a fan since clue tapes," he tweeted. "My man wanna rap. Nothing wrong with friendly fire."

What do you think of Mickey Factz diss song "Eye Witness?" Listen to the song and tell us in the comments below.

Mickey Factz's "Eye Witness" (Produced by Nottz)

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