When Michelle Williams' name comes to mind, R&B and gospel are usually the first genres to be linked with her musical stylings. From Destiny's Child to her solo work featuring organ-tinged tunes -- she has two gospel albums to her name, 'Heart to Yours' and Do You Know' -- it may still come as a surprise to people that she merged onto the path of dance music back in 2008, with her 'Unexpected' LP and the smash hit 'We Break the Dawn.' She's no novice to the sounds, and is proving so with her recently released buzz single, 'Love Gun.'

This new music is a step in the right direction for the Illinois native, considering she's following in the footsteps of her DC sisters Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, who each released solo albums, '4,' and 'Here I Am,' respectively, this summer. Williams may not exude the sex kitten vibes Kelly does on her track 'Motivation' nor demand legion of women to 'Run the World (Girls)' like Beyonce, but she's got her own lane.

"The song 'Love Gun' is actually an extension of my 2008 album, titled 'Unexpected,' which had a dance-pop, type of feel," Williams tells the BoomBox. "So I've been doing this style of music now, I'd say going on three years now. Of course, my first two solo albums were gospel and gospel still being my first love, which I will definitely be doing a gospel album soon."

As for the inspiration behind the Druski-produced track, the songstress was experimenting with the lyrics but not necessarily her sound. "This isn't different from anything I've been doing," she reveals. "We were just playing around in the studio and it just is a song I decided to record. That's how it came about. I love all types of music -- jazz, classical blue grass, pop, dance, whatever. As long as I feel good and I feel like it can make everybody feel in a great way and inspire, then it's all good to me."

Stay tuned for the in-depth BoomBox interview with Michelle Williams.

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