Last week, The BoomBox premiered the behind-the-scenes visuals of Method Man's new video for 'World Gone Sour: The Lost Kids,' and now, the final product is here. The Wu-Tang Clan rapper has gone from performing magic tricks with the sour treats to rhyming about their mischievous ways.

"I'm excited to be collaborating with Sour Patch Kids and telling the story of how they've gone all wrong," Method Man tells The BoomBox. "I love the steps that the brand is taking to keep it real and interesting, the whole campaign, and letting Meth be Meth -- brilliant."

The 3-minute video commences with the shades-wearing MC kicking back in his posh pad, watching a cooking show on TV with some of his boys. A hungry friend picks up a bag of Sour Patch Kids to satisfy his candy craving but everything goes wrong once the snacks are spilled everywhere and come to life.

The multi-colored sweet-and-sour treats act out in a recording studio, messing with Meth's audio, unplug electronics and break eggs in a refrigerator -- pretty extraordinary behavior for a bunch of well-recognized candies.

"All up in your closet, cuttin' holes in every pocket/ They'd just like to keep your wallet/ That's a promise, I'm a pimp/ Wipe the music off your MP3/ Burn a rug, pull the plug on your MTV/ This is thug vision in 3-D/ And these kids ain't worried/ They play dirty like they ODB," Method Man raps.

Check out what else happens when Method Man and the Sour Patch Kids collide.

Watch Method Man's 'World Gone Sour: The Lost Kids'

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