Method Man And Flocka

Wu-Tang rapper Method Man has recanted his comments regarding Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame.

In a recent interview, Flocka was quoted as saying that lyrical content didn't matter anymore because "nobody want to hear that damn dictionary rap," a statement which Meth took issue to.

"He has the right to his opinion. But the people that are in the know and know what time it is, know that if you ain't saying s--- out your mouth, your time is very slim in this motherf---ing game, b," Meth said, appearing with Ghostface and Raekwon on Lord Sear & Rude Jude's All Out Show on Shade 45.

Waka Flocka responded, saying he was disappointed by the veteran rapper's attack, and that the quote was taken out of context by the media. "I feel like he disrespected his own kid. I listened to you, I seen you start, buddy. I seen you in the bus, hanging on the bars, I was digging that with the one eye [in the 'Bring the Pain' video.]," Flocka said. "They called Down South music pop, but Onyx wasn't doing crunk music to you, honest opinion? Wu-Tang was crunk music, crunk aggressive music. Hip-hop is supposed to have different angles."

Meth returned to the All Out Show on Friday, Feb. 26, to address Flocka's response, apologizing and claiming that he'll refrain from speaking about fellow rappers publicly from now on. "[My statement] wasn't about that man or what that man do. It was about the statement," Meth explained. "I don't even know that man to feel any type of way about that man ... Anybody trying to eat legally and get their money the way I try to get mines, and ain't never gonna knock them, man. That's the last time I say anything about any f---ing MC or what they do. I'm going to keep my business to myself."

He continued to admit that he'd been wrong to criticize the young rapper, when he didn't know the circumstances under which the statement was made.

"I appreciate that that man took the high road, I respect that man for that because I was way out of context. I can honestly say that because I didn't know where the information came from, or how it was stated. But from the input that I got, his s--t was taken out of context when he made that statement."

Method Man, Raekwon and Ghostface are currently preparing their March 30 collaboration album, 'Wu-Massacre,' which features production by The RZA, Scram Jones and Mathematics.

Waka Flocka's debut, 'Murda Man Flocka' has yet to receive a concrete release date, but is set to drop at some point in 2010.