It's been over a decade since MC Lyte released a solo album -- 'Da Undaground Heat, Vol. 1' in 2003. But now she's back with a new track, 'Ball.'

Enlisting the help of AV and Lil Mama, she tells the world that she's not only returned to rap but she's never lost her skills. Talking about her experiences and how long she's been in the industry, Lyte spitfires through her lyrics yet still carries an elegant grace to her swagger.

"I've been everywhere you at / Building stacks, body bags, killing tracks / You probably heard me stuntin' award shows no frontin' / Jet setting to London / What you heard I done it / Woo, every day I'm just hustling / Getting paper," she raps.

In the Ron Yuan-directed video, the MC is interviewed by Shanghai Entertainment News. And once asked about her approach to her new material, viewers are catapulted to different locations that are filled with dancing, quick camera cuts and lots of Lyte chilling on a throne.

With AV holding down the chorus, Lil Mama brings in her own verse with youthful energy that puts old school and new side by side. But perhaps what's more impressive on Mama's part is her participation in the dance choreography.

With all the Asian influences in the visual, it's supposed to focus our attentions on Lyte's efforts with "redefining hip-hop's global influence." With her Hip Hop Sisters Foundation and EducateOurMen initiative, Lyte hopes to share her new material with a tour but also spread awareness of the foundation and the scholarship fund.

'Ball' is the first single off her upcoming album, which she hopes to release in early 2015.

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