The war wages on between MC Hammer and Jay-Z, who fired shots at the 'U Can't Touch This' rapper with a one-off line on Kanye West's 'So Appalled.' Hammer recently released a video for 'Better Run Run,' a diss track aimed at Hov that claims he sold his soul to the devil and stole Hammer's swag.

In the clip, a Jay-Z lookalike is chased by the devil through the woods while Hammer spits rhymes about Jigga's connection to the Illuminati. It ends with Hammer stopping the devil in his tracks and subsequently baptizing Hov in a lake.

"If I knock on your door that mean I'm knockin' you out, if I knock on your door boy I'll bust you in ya mouth," raps Hammer on the track, calling out Jay by name. "New rules, lemme show you the way/ If a rapper talk tough, then he gotta back up what he say."

The beef stems from a line in 'So Appalled' making fun of Hammer's money woes. "Hammer went broke, so you know I'm on focus/ I lost 30 mil, so I spent another 30/ 'Cause unlike Hammer, 30 million can't hurt me!" Jay-Z rapped on the track. Hammer responded by attacking him on his Twitter page, calling him "HellBoy" and "Jay-Hoe." Check out Hammer's 'Better Run Run' comeback below.