It looks like the Internal Revenue Service doesn't quit when it comes to getting their money. The IRS has slapped MC Hammer with another huge tax bill.

According to TMZ, the 'U Can’t Touch This' rapper owes the IRS $1.4 million in penalties and interest for taxes owed in 1996.

MC Hammer, whose real name is Stanley Burrell, filed for bankruptcy in 1996, and thought he paid off his debt when he ponied up $7 million in 2007. But Uncle Sam disagreed and sent him a bill for penalties and interest.

Hammer feels the IRS is being unfair and has filed documents asking a judge to block the IRS from collecting.

The rap legend joins a long list of artists who owe the IRS money in back taxes. Rappers Lil Wayne and Tyga are both in tax debt, while Lauryn Hill took care of her reported tax bill.