This is beginning to sound like a broken record. It appears that Lauryn Hill is having tax problems again. The ex-Fugees member was recently hit with several liens from the Internal Revenue Service.

According to, L-Boogie owes Uncle Sam nearly $867,000 in taxes.

The IRS claims in documents filed on Jan. 16 that Hill owes $422,008.26 for 2005; $19,838.75 for 2006; $61,158.50 for 2007; $58,405.71 for 2008; $30,370.91 for 2009, $13,247.73 for 2010 and $261,838.19 for 2011.

Hill’s list of delinquent tax bills has given us a sense of deja vu. If you remember last year, the 'Lost Ones’ rapper owed the government nearly the same amount. In that case, Ms. Hill was sentenced to three months in prison on tax evasion charges.

Since her release, Hill has performed a string of shows to help her get back on her feet financially. But it appears that the 38-year-old artist is back to square one.

Hopefully, Hill will be able to rectify the situation and keep the taxman out of her pockets.