Maxo Kream is a free man after he was arrested for two counts of engaging in organized criminal act last week. The Houston rhymer was in custody for several days at the Fort Bend County Jail in Richmond, Texas. Apparently, he was arrested while on Danny Brown’s “The Exhibition” Tour when it made a stop in his Houston hometown.

On Saturday (Oct. 23), Kream went on his Twitter account and posted a video thanking his fans for their support. The 26-year-old rapper also denied the charges of being involved in any organized criminal activity.

"I'm organizing music for my album. Organizing these shows and s---," he said in the clip (watch above). "Nigga doing right. Trying to take care of the family. Trying to f--- it up for me and s---. It's cool though."

"Love y'all, man. More Maxo comin'," he added.

There's no official word if Kream is going to rejoin Brown's "The Exhibition" tour.

Meanwhile, when Kream was in custody, his Instagram account got hi-jacked. The rapper is currently working on getting his IG issue straightened out.

Maxo Kream has been making a lot of noise in the rap game. He recently dropped a new video for his street banger, “Smoke Break” from his latest mixtape, The Persona Tape. You can also hear Kream on The Cool Kids reunion single, “Running Man.”

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