Rapper Max B isn't letting his prison sentence get in the way of how he feels about his musical status. In a recent telephone interview the Harlem native proclaimed that despite his current incarceration on murder charges, he is a better rapper than both Lil Wayne and Drake. "I'mma tell you right now, Weezy can't f--- with me," he declared. "Drake can't f--- with me!" This isn't the first time B's big head got to the best of him. The rapper's choosen nickname for himself is Biggaveli, an amalgam of hip-hop's three disputable greatest rappers -- The Notorious B.I.G. (AKA "Biggie Smalls"), Jay-Z (AKA "Jigga"), and Tupac Shakur (AKA "Makavelli").

Max also went in on his former Dipset associates. "The whole Dipset I'd smash, single handedly. None of them can f--- with me. My sh-- is up there with [Tu]Pac and them, only thing different is I didn't have a chance to put my album out. But if you listen to my tapes, 80 percent of that s--- be original music, original bars, original hooks. Nobody makes songs better than me."

As previously reported, Max and his step-brother, Kevin Leerdam, were found guilty on nine out of 11 murder conspiracy charges stemming from a 2006 robbery. Max's ex-girlfriend testified that he planned the botched robbery of her then boyfriend, Allan Plowden's, hotel room. The attempt resulted in the shooting death of Plowden's associate David Taylor. During the trial Max took issue with his lawyer Gerald Sulti, who he later fired. He was sentenced to 75 years in prison for his roll in the crime and is currently serving his time at a New Jersey prison.

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