Grammy Award-winning trumpeter Maurice "Mobetta" Brown just released an eargasmic tune with Talib Kweli called "Stand Up," and it's part jazz, part hip-hop and all soulful.

Plus, Brown does a stellar job of multi-tasking, holding down much of the instrumentation and spitting some powerful bars as well.

"Right now I only feel they see me one way / I know you counting sins feeling sometime of way / But you cuss and sh-- on me and then you hope that I stay / But I wonder what they say when I come back to play," he rhymes.

As for Kwa, he goes in as usual and closes out the song nicely.

"Close your eyes what do you see guy? / I got it locked like a key-card / It be hard, going through up and downs like a seesaw / Meanwhile, I've been doing the street off since a knee-high / What I write is gospel just like the truth in the book of Levi," he raps.

"Stand Up" is off Mo's forthcoming solo album The Mood, due March 24 and you can listen to it below.

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