The battle between Hollywood exes continue as Master P responds to allegations by his estranged wife, Sonja Miller, that he's trying to keep her out of their home. According to the No Limit Records honcho, there's only a select group of people he doesn't want in.

"I just don't want her boyfriend or people that's coming to party" the 48-year-old rapper told TMZ. He also added that he'd be willing to give her "all of the money" if she fulfilled her duty as a mother and got rid of the boyfriend.

"If she can take care of this beautiful family and do what she gotta do, she can have all the money. She don't need to go to court. She don't need to do none of that," said the "Make 'Em Say 'Uhh!'" rapper. "I just want her to take care of my kids and do what she need to do as a mom," he added before noting that "her boyfriend not gonna come to my house at all."

Master P even hinted that things might have gone differently if he saw his ex's beau in their L.A. home.

"If I had caught her boyfriend in the house, what you think I was gonna do. Tell him 'Hello?' This would be a whole different story on TMZ. I changed my life, I'm trying to do better," he said.

The MP Da Last Don creator went on to call the allegations a publicity stunt, but overall he still wishes of greatness for his ex-wife.

"I wish her the best, I'm not trying to bash her or nothing but it's wrong what she's doing," said P. "I don't need to buy a car or none of that type of stuff but I"ll definitely spend money to send her to rehab if I need to," said the New Orleans native.

The two were together for 18 years before they separated in 2007. Sonja Miller filed for divorce in 2013 but it has yet to be finalized.

What do you think of Master P's comments about his estranged wife and boyfriend? Tell us in the comments below.

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