Master P has released a No Limit-themed capsule collection, paying homage to the cultural influence of the New Orleans-based label.

P and No Limit Forever created the collection, which showcases the heyday of the legendary record label, which dominated the late 90s with a slew of weekly releases. No Limit not only helped develop the independent record model, but also gave birth to the concept of saturating the market with new music, which still thrives in hip-hop to this day. The label also popularized Pen & Pixel graphics, which were widely used during the era.

As for the No Limit collection, it's simple— featuring graphic tees and hoodies that highlight the classic, army tank No Limit logo and various album covers, including Master P's Last Don, Silkk The Shocker's Charge It to the The Game and Snoop Dogg's Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told. There's also a roll call tee, calling out the names of some of the label's most popular acts, including Mystikal, Soulja Slim and TRU (though Mia X's name is strangely absent).

You can check out the collection, which will be available for 72-hours starting today (Dec. 29) through an online pop-up and various Pac Sun locations, here.


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