Master P's financial status has been brought to light as the rapper and his ex-wife are engaged in a heated battle over child support. The millionaire mogul, whose net worth was once estimated at $350 million, has only been ordered to pay $271 a month in child support for each of his four minor children.

According to TMZ, the small amount was determined based on court documents filed back in March, which lists his monthly income at $1,387.

The website also reported that P's ex-wife, Sonya Miller, has been unsuccessful in her attempts to recover documents revealing his real monthly salary, prompting Child Protective Services to investigate the case. For now, P, born Percy Miller, will continue to fork over the minimum payment for the children, until CPS is able to further evaluate his official monthly take home.

A native of New Orleans, the rapper became a staple for hip-hop in the region, by way of his No Limit Records imprint. Once a top company, housing the likes of Mystikal, Silk the Shocker and even Snoop Dogg at one point, the label has since fallen on hard times.

Numerous lawsuits forced P to shut the label down and file for bankruptcy in 2003, but it appears as if No Limit is looking to bounce back, announcing a relaunch this year, helmed by Master P's oldest son, Romeo. The young rapper revealed to the Boombox that he has been working on his solo project as well as cultivating new talent for the label.

Master P has yet to release a statement on the status of his finances.