Master P is out to stop a woman who has been using his and his brother Corey 'C-Murder' Miller's name to collect funds for a fraudulent organization. The Memphis, Tenn. woman, Alisa R. Harris, is believed to be running a bunch of websites claiming to be involved with Master P and C-Murder, who is currently serving a life sentence for murder.

"This is crazy," Master P told Memphis news affiliate Action 5 News. "She needs to be stopped." The rapper-turned-minister alleges he has never met Harris.

Harris has used a minister ordainment to obtain tax status as a church, but currently lives in a boarding house. Her information has appeared on several websites promoting the Corey Miller Food Foundation, which is listed as being located in the inmate's home city of New Orleans. The organization allegedly collects funds for the less fortunate. According to Harris, her foundation has hired 116 ex-convicts and welfare recipients to cold-call citizens to solicit donations.

"I'm doing this as something I am doing from my heart," Harris said. "And I'm creating hope for people that don't have any." Further inspection into Harris' companies revealed that she has neither license nor credentials to implore funds in Tennessee, prompting state officials to request a federal investigation into her companies.

Master P is considering taking legal action to stop Harris from using his and his brother's name on her website. C-Murder was convicted of the 2002 shooting death of a 16-year-old fan. He is currently appealing his life sentence.

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