Rapper Ma$e is embroiled in some controversy with his congregation (if we're to believe to TMZ.) Apparently, his worshippers are not feeling the rhymes in his new song.

The rapper-turned-pastor, who recently filed for divorce from his wife, appears on a song rapping about infidelity.

On Remo the Hitmaker's track 'Tricky Situation,' Ma$e raps, “I get the honeymoon, you marry her" and then ends his verse with “Call Ma$e if you need to splurge / Too bad I never keep my word."

Some parishioners are angry at Ma$e for being a hypocrite. On the pulpit he’s preaching about the importance of marriage yet in his songs he raps about having a rendezvous with engaged women.

Apparently, Ma$e’s congregation is fed up and refusing to tithe on Sunday.

The rhymer seems to be unfazed by the alleged brouhaha that TMZ is reporting.

On his Instagram page, Ma$e has been posting photos of himself getting his cardio on in California.

In one photo, the 'Feel So Good’ rapper is sitting on a rock after running up Runyon Canyon.

"Runyon Canyon w/ the weight vest on... Let's build our dream together," he writes. "Sometimes u gotta do it by yourself until others believe... #NWE."

For those who don't know "NWE" stands for 'Now We Even,' the title of his next solo album, which is still a work in progress.

What do you think? Is Ma$e a hypocrite? Tell us in the comments below.

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