Marsha Ambrosius is known for delivering powerful visuals for her songs. Peep her previous videos for 'Stronger Than Pride' and 'Far Away' for a refresher course. In a new clip for her emotional ballad 'Run,' the images are that of several people overcoming their personal struggles.

Ambrosius is at the center of the revolving personalities, who are all dealing with tough moments in their lives. From a teen battling drug addiction to a student dreaming of going to college, life has left them at a standstill.

Although the video doesn't relate to the heartbreaking song, it's Ambrosius' empowering vocals that motivates them to overcome their obstacles.

As for her second album, 'Friends & Lovers,' Ambrosius seems to be taking her sweet time with releasing it as there's no release date set for the project. However, the R&B songbird says she likes to promote her albums organically through word of mouth.

“Everyone is rushing to put out an album. I want to perform the music live for the people," she told the Boombox. "I want to perform the album and then have people tell friends about it. That’s how it works for me, by word of mouth."