Marques HoustonFor his fifth solo release, singer Marques Houston teamed with rappers Rick Ross and Soulja Boy to help bring his 'Mattress Music' concept album to life. "Those are the only two features on this album," he told The BoomBox. "I was definitely appreciative to be able to work with young talent such as Soulja Boy out there doing his thing." The 19-year-old makes an appearance on Houston's 'Swag Sex,' which called for the youngster to tone down his usual over-zealous flow. Ross shows up on the equally sexual, 'Pulling on Her Hair,' which in title alone is self-explanatory. "I have a lot of respect for him as a young artist, and Rick Ross ... that's the boss! You can't get no bigger than that. I was happy that these artists were able to meet my requests for their services on this album and get together and make some great music. You know I was blessed with the features that I have."

Aside from the two features, the album is chock full of even more seductive tunes, which Houston hopes will satisfy fans of 2005's 'Naked,' his most successful album to date. Although he was shy to admit it, the Los Angeles native used his current relationship to draw inspiration for the album, and dedicates the track 'Ghetto Angel' to his girlfriend of over two years. "Everything motivates me. My environment motivates me, women motivate me, life in general. When I travel and do things out of town, everything in my life motivates me to write something different."

"I think by not being afraid to keep putting out music and not being afraid to keep putting myself out there [I maintain longevity]," Marques continued. "A lot of artists will feel like they can't compete with the other artists that are out there. Sometimes you see these guys come and go really quickly, but I feel like I've not been afraid. I've been in this industry for a long time. I know a lot and I've done a lot. I'm still young even though I'm getting older, 30 is knocking on my door, but I'm still a young guy. I still have a lot to offer this industry."

'Mattress Music' hits stores July 27.

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