Majid Jordan get sexy with the ladies in the steamy visuals for "My Love" featuring Drake. Scanitiy-clad women light money on fire, smoke hookah and sensually touch each other. The song for the video is the first single to come from their yet-to-be titled debut album.

Purple hues engulf the first scene as women feel up on each other before a sharp camera cut takes viewers to a brothel with rooms of different colors. Two women pass by a solemn-looking Majid Al Maskati, one-half of the group, as he leans against a brick wall.

A room decorated in sea-green appears, which makes it look like the people inside are calmly chilling underwater as they lay back and get high. The crooner sits in the back of another blue room with the same two girls fawning over him. "Why you wanna be my love?" sings Al Maskati. "Is it just for show?"

The Common Good-directed video also features a hoodie-sporting Drake, who's surrounded by women as he rhymes about a love gone wrong. "Even when you sleep in my bed / I know you're not mine officially," the Toronto native delivers. "I'm not your trophy, baby / I won't let you show me off or shine me, or line me up, no."

Majid Jordan also co-produced and were featured on one of Drake's biggest hits: "Hold On, We're Going Home."

Watch the OVO team get their sexy on in the video above.

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