Self-described "peaceful warrior" Maino was confronted by erstwhile tour mate Yung Berg for "talking reckless" in a night club in Atlanta on Thursday night. Maino replied to the young rapper's charge by delivering an open handed smack said to be "so loud you could hear it over the music."

Berg has been in the news recently for having had his chain expropriated by Detroit thug Trick Trick and "not liking girls darker than me," and should probably sit in time out for a while before he becomes a punchline. Meanwhile, Maino talked with Hartford's 93.7 on Friday about the "disciplining" he handed out, saying, "I feel like I did him a favor. I tried to sober him up cause something was wrong with him."

When further questioned about the incident, Maino explained "I don't have a problem with Yung Berg. I smacked him, that is that. I'm done with that. I'm not gonna make a song about him. I'm not gonna make a YouTube video about him...What can he do, he's a little kid. I slapped him. I disciplined him."

Listen to the interview here. "I mean it's only one way to smack somebody Jenny."

Although it's a bit like some uppity-freshman hazing, somebody's gotta keep the Yung Berg's in their place.

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