Ja Rule isn't the only New York rapper looking to make a comeback with a New York-inspired track. Ma$e is also giving his two cents on the Big Apple on his new song "#WhenNYWasNY."

The Harlem, N.Y. rapper pits over the Dr. Dre-produced beat for "California Love," an odd choice considering it's an ode to the City of Angels. Although the song also featured 2Pac, who was born in Ma$e's hometown of Harlem, it makes you wonder if he's taking a jab at Cali or if he's purposely using the irony to his advantage.

The former clergyman continues to reminisce on old New York as he raps, "When New York was New York it sound like this" throughout the song.

Ma$e's boisterous rap style in this song is much different than the smooth tone that we're familiar with, which can be heard on one of his most recent songs, "Tryna Wife" with Timbaland and Jo'zzy.

"Ya'll n---- s couldn't miss it 'cause you never had it / When I was wearing fur / You was wearing rabbit," he boasts.

The Harlem World creator also goes on to use a gay slur. Not cool.

"Got a 'matic in my attic, you want me to grab it? / P---- just like I thought, n---- you's a f----t / N----- trippin' on the set, this is Harlem at it's best," raps the former Bad Boy artist.

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