It's been long confirmed that Madonna wrangled Lil Wayne for a collaboration of sorts, and more details have recently emerged. Not be confused with the recent Weezy single 'Hot Revolver,' the Madonna track 'Revolver,' will be one of two new songs featured on the new two disc collection of Madonna's greatest hits, they're calling 'Celebration.' The 37 song set features a smattering of Madonna cuts from earlier years, and a full version of 'Revolver' has recently surfaced on the web in all its dancey-pop glory.

But wait: is that really Madonna? Those commenting on the various streams (you can hear one here) seem to think that this is definitely not Madonna but in a world of auto-tuning and the like, we think it very well could be! One thing's for sure: this is a track with Wayne on it and the chorus has a simple, yet effective hook in proclaiming "my love's a revolver, my sex is a killer/ do you wanna die? You know you wanna die."

Whether or not this is the real deal, surely it will satiate those Lil Wayne fans who are anxiously awaiting his now delayed rock album, 'Rebirth,' while at the same time give Madonna fans something to debate for the next two months. And we know that Madonna can pretty much snap her fingers and get anyone to record a track with her, but we're curious: is this a good move for Wayne. And is this Madonna or not?

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