If you spit, and want to get some recognition in hip-hop, why not go at one of rap's biggest artists? Los Angeles-based rapper Madd Mary did just that with the song and video for 'Eff Iggy,' a clear diss to one of rap's focal points at the moment, Iggy Azalea.

In the visual, Madd Mary, who once caught the attention of Def Jam and is the cousin of producer Dallas Austin, pretends to kidnap the blonde rapper and assault her repeatedly with a bunch of sharp objects.

However, what's most impressive is Mary's verses, as she proves with just about every line that she's a lyrical force to be reckoned with.

"Revoke your ghetto passes, your honorary blackness / Classless practically begging to get that ass kicked... Thinking you got permission to rock/Cause you sucking south n---- off and listen to Pac / Soon as you popped the britches you was itching to drop/Sickening to watch how the media christened you hot," spits the natural born MC.

In addition, OJ the Producer uses a throwback soul sample, with loud, knocking drums, which is the perfect musical bedding for Mary to spit venom over. However, she'll probably need an official hit under her belt before an artist of Iggy's stature responds. But the 'Fancy' rapper better be careful because it doesn't look like this under-the-radar spitter will back down from a lyrical challenge anytime soon.