As Mack 10 slowly recovers from an April stomach surgery, the West Coast rap veteran continues to garner buzz from his acclaimed collaboration album, 'Money Music,' with new school California MC Glasses Malone. The project, which was released off Mack 10's Hoo Bangin' label, saw the re-emergence of the platinum rapper, who first gained prominence as the protégé of legendary hip-hop icon and Hollywood heavyweight Ice Cube in the mid '90s.

Backed by such standout solo albums as his classic self-titled 1995 debut, 1997's 'Based on a True Story' and works with the multi-platinum supergroup Westside Connection, Mack 10 talked with excitement about his time back on the concert stage before his surgery. "Me and Glasses stay doing shows," Mack told the BoomBox of some of the show dates he has done with Malone, who he signed to his label imprint. "The fans lose their minds over my whole catalog. I have classics. You think 'Foe Life' is going to wreck, but then 'Only in California' comes on and people go crazy [laughs]. Then 'Backyard Boogie' comes on. The list goes on."

Mack said that while he's not one to live in the past, he understands why fans have held on so tightly to the '90s rap era. For him, it was a fruitful time for mostly everyone involved. "In the '90s you were getting basketball money," Mack explained of the monetary level of success rappers were achieving. "So if you were a successful rapper you were living like you were playing in the NBA. And you were putting up real numbers. There were 10 times more record labels than there is now. You could sell 10 times more records and there wasn't any downloading. So all you could do was sell records. The only thing you had to worry about was music bootleggers and that wasn't so bad compared to today."

However, Mack said today's music era is high with possibilities. "I love the fact that you can instantly connect with the fans through [online]," he added. "Right now I'm just focused on this Mack and Malone record. But I might give them another Mack 10 solo album. I haven't really buckled down and decided when, but I'm sure later on the year I will release something."

Watch Mack 10's 'Mirror Mirror'
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