Machine Gun Kelly has been pulling double-duty as a rapper and actor, but it seems to be taking a toll on his body.

On Saturday (April 22), on his 27th birthday, the Cleveland native was performing at the Seminole Casino in Florida when things suddenly went wrong. As MGK was performing the cut "Bad Things," he was also holding his chest and barley moving around. Eventually, he turned around and walked off the stage without saying a word.

According to TMZ, he was tended to by some medical folks backstage and then returned to the performance. Afterwards, the talented spitter said that he was hurt while filming the movie Captive State, during a stunt.

"I got punched in the chest 65 times," he told the crowd.

Then after the show, Kelly went on Instagram and detailed exactly what happened.

"I took some serious damage to my chest plate/ribs this week," he wrote. "During our 6th song last night, I collapsed backstage and thought I was having a heart attack. What they didn't report was that I went back out and finished the show, cause we're f------ champions, and it was my 27th birthday and nothing can take me away from the stage."

Hopefully, the birthday boy will make a full recovery and get that injured chest of his looked at some more.

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