Papa Dick Chicken. Dr. Cock Punch. Chachi. These are the complex sides of Machine Gun Kelly. The Cleveland rap star, both heavily tattooed and hilariously outspoken, can rely on his variety of alter egos to make an appearance at the most inopportune times.

Take for instance his visit to the Westfield SouthPark Shopping Center in Ohio, in August 2011. He organized a flash mob, which subsequently caused his arrest. "Oh, that's fucking Papa Dick Chicken," MGK tells The BoomBox of which of his characters showed face that day. "[He's] the most annoying motherfucker there is."

By Kelly's definition, Dr. Cock Punch is the sex symbol. A truly nasty one. He appreciates all kinds of women and doesn't discriminate when it comes to fornicating with them. After all, DCP is single. Then there's Chachi the Cholo. He pops up when MGK is wasted.

"I don't know why my go-to language when I'm fucking drunk is Spanish," he admits. However, the 22-year-old doesn't even speak a lick of the language. "I'll ask a girl... 'You know what the chorizo grande is, my love? It's the fucking big sausage,'" MGK says with a laugh. Now that's a pick-up line.

Weird aliases aside, MGK, nee Richard Colson Baker, gets serious when his debut album, Lace Up, due Oct. 9, is the focus of the conversation. The "Her Song" rhymer, who has more than 517,000 Twitter followers and 680,000 Facebook likes, has a dedicated fan base. A look at the cover of his forthcoming LP proves that -- the album artwork is a collage of photos featuring fans with Lace Up tattooed on their bodies. Yet, with all the love he gets from his loyal supporters, sometimes his message doesn't translate well to others.

"You keep wondering why the world isn't attached to what these kids have attached to," MGK explains. "Not just attached to, but fucking tattooing their bodies for life. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of kids fucking will drive 22 hours just to go to one show and you're playing for 30 minutes.

"It's kind of like, this is not some regular shit. I don't get how just this amount of kids can get it but the rest of the world can't get it."

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Every artist has their frustrations. There are record labels to deal with, contracts to sign, performances to book, recording sessions to schedule and fellow artists to collaborate with. All of those things can take their toll when someone like Kelly just wants to have his music be heard and appreciated. "I learned patience now," he admits. "I know my product is a great product. I know the album is going to be my big moment."

Six years ago, at 16, Kelly was dedicated to his craft. He'd shell out his own cash for studio time. But a few years prior, he was a self-described "badass." Skipping school and coming home at 1AM were as regular as eating breakfast. His devoutly religious father didn't approve of his deviant ways of course. According to the rapper, his dad was so consumed with dreams of being a missionary he almost broke up the family. As for his mom, when MGK had early visions of landing in hip-hop circles, their relationship wasn't a solid one. "Oh, I wasn't talking to my mom by the time I wanted to be a rapper," he reveals.

His lyrics on Lace Up, which features 17 tracks, will surely touch on his upbringing, among other topics. Waka Flocka Flame ("Wild Boy"), Cassie ("Warning Shot"), Young Jeezy ("Hold On (Shut Up)") and DMX ("D3mons") are a few of the big names to lend their talents to the effort. The latter rapper MGK actually worked with before, showing up on his recently released Undisputed album, on the song "I Don't Dance." When they recorded together, the moment was everything Kelly expected it to be. "The whole experience was crazy to me," MGK discloses. "[DMX was] crazy as fuck, violent, mad, angry, but I loved him for it. That was who he really was, really cool."

Perhaps Machine Gun Kelly found himself embracing X because they're equally as "crazy." The mohawk-sporting artist once tricked his drummer into smoking pubic hair -- he thought he was puffing on some weed. Then there's the time MGK "pooped" in a buddy's shoe. That prank was payback for the same friend urinating on Kelly while he was sleeping in a tent.

He laughs at the wild memories, no remorse washing over his face. Apparently the Bad Boy Records signee can take a joke as well as dish them out -- in a most foul manner. But there's only a certain kind of person that will feel his comical wrath. "I do this to my white friends," MGK states with a chuckle. "I don't do this to my black friends because that shit wouldn't pass."

Lucky for Machine Gun Kelly, his music unites them both.

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