Rappers don't really have the most family-friendly lyrics, but leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to put their moms in the hot seat to react to some of their more explicit content.

In a segment called 'Words From Your Mother,' featured on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' Mac Miller's mom recites lyrics from his single, 'Watching Movies.' The song details getting high, going to strip clubs and getting girls to perform oral sex, but his mom seems pretty collected as she reads through her son's lines.

"Hit the strip club / See some hoes that I went to school with / Out in London like Lennox Lewis, bitch looking like Farrah Fawcett / I'm just tryna make better music, get this money, share the profits / Now this class getting led by students / Smoke some weed, get hoes while I do it," she recites.

Following her part, the camera pans to Miller, chilling on a stool. He then gives him mom a fist pound after she finishes. Now that's a close mother-and-son relationship.

Miller isn't the only one whose mother has hit the late-night show to read rap lyrics. T.I., Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean all had their moms do the same in the past.