Mac Miller is back with a new video for his Ty Dolla $ign-assisted single, “Cinderella.” The Pittsburgh rapper present a 12-minute short film for the song, which is from his album, The Divine Feminine.

The Bo Mirosseni-directed visual is no fairytale, as we follow Miller to a seedy club where Ty Dolla $ign is performing. Miller is looking for a woman with angel wings (played by model Ebonique) and wants to fly away with her. The clip then goes into a bizarre direction as Miller finds himself surrounded by dead bodies and then he's in an empty room with confetti falling down on him. The video concludes with Miller buying grub from a street vendor and walking into the sunrise.

“Wanted to take a moment to thank you for supporting me with doing something different,” Miller tweeted to his fans. “I took a step in a different direction and made something that was very special to me. You all heard me speak from a different perspective and to all of you who embraced that just know you are appreciated.”

Watch Mac Miller's very unique video above.

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