Mac Miller's taken on more than a few alter-egos in the last year, presumably in an effort to prove his artistic depth beyond just that corny white kid who made 'Donald Trump.' We've met Larry Lovestein, the flamboyant jazz composer, Larry Fisherman, the reclusive rap producer, and today, Mac introduces us to Delusional Thomas, a high-pitched, disfigured rapper.

Thomas makes his debut with this self-titled mixtape, a 10-track effort that's full of gloomy beats and vivid, crude lyricism, reminiscent of 'EARL'-era Earl Sweatshirt, who actually makes an appearance. Risking a serious case of multiple personality disorder, the project is produced by Larry Fisherman and includes a guest spot from the regular-voiced Mac Miller.

Whether we'll be hearing from Delusional Thomas beyond Halloween remains to be seen, but feel free to dig deeper into Mac's intriguing psyche below.

Listen to Mac Miller's 'Delusional Thomas' Mixtape

DOWNLOAD: Mac Miller -- 'Delusional Thomas'