Now that we're midway through the sixth season of Love & Hip Hop, the relationships and beefs among the cast members is starting to get heavy. Let's start with DJ Self. In last week's episode, he told everyone in radio land that he and Yorma Hernandez are a couple and the he only loves her. Self shows his lady how serious he is by introducing her to his daughter, Kayla. And although Self referred to Yorma as his friend when speaking about her to Kayla, his daughter quickly knew who this was her day. But it looks like Kayla does approve of Yorma in Self's life because she never gave him the red flag signal.

While it looks like Self is on the right track, things quickly go off the edge when we meet Milani Rose. As Self is getting ready to work on his new video, he enlists Rose to work her styling magic on the visual's female star, Cardi B. Although Self and Cardi are going to keep things professional, it's obvious that Rose wants to turn her working relationship with Self into an intimate one and invites him to dinner to "discuss his clothing line." But between the romantic restaurant to her form-fitting green number, Rose has her eye on the prize. And by the time she ends up on Self's lap, we know that his fidelity is out the window.

Peter Gunz has been avoiding both Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace. However, after Amina revealed to his daughter she got an abortion, he decided to come back home. Although Amina still wants to move on from Peter, she still needs a moment to grieve, especially with Peter. So even though they hardly exchange words, the two comfort each other during this tough time. Meanwhile, Tara met with her therapist to talk about her issues with Peter. And while she's finding clarity by laying out everything wrong that's gone on between the two, Tara drops one big bomb -- she's pregnant!

And while we can't really notice, she's five months along! Now we can only imagine how Peter is going to react.

Now that BBOD is done, both Miss Moe Money and Sexxy Lexxy have been meeting up with potential managers for their own solo careers. While Moe meets with Yandy Smith-Harris, Lexxy goes back to Rah Ali. Moe and Yandy's meeting looked fruitful. After Moe explained her side of the BBOD story, Yandy did point out that they shouldn't have gone with someone who knows more about shoes than the music industry to manage BBOD's career. But because Bianca Bonnie isn't really doing much to jumpstart her career at the moment, Yandy shows interest in helping Moe with her solo career.

Lexxy is also making sure her solo gig is set by meeting with Rah. She tells Rah about how she quit BBOD and wants to go solo. Rah was so proud and happy for her but didn't mention anything about managing Lexxy, which worried her. However, in the end, Rah said yes. And to sweeten the deal, Rah invites Lexxy to model one of her dresses in Rah's upcoming fashion show. But little does she know that Rah has also taken on Mariahlynn as a client. Despite her mother's legal and new baby issues, Mariahlynn has her head in the game is working on new music with Cisco Rosado as well as filming her video for "Money Gun." Rah also invited Mariahlynn that she'll be performing at her show. Lexxy and Mariahlynn both doing things for Rah's show? This could be a recipe for disaster.

Before we get into that mess, we need to point out a key player in Rah's fashion show -- Remy Ma. Now Remy will be there for the ones she loves. So when Rah asked if Remy can help her out with this event, the rapper, though hesitant at first, agreed to help out. However, by the night of the event, it was clear that Remy was the one doing the heavy lifting while Rah was the one exercising her supervising skills.

So when Rah arrives at the event, she is impressed by all of Remy's work but her friend doesn't look pleased. But Remy isn't only frustrated with Rah. She also gives Toya, Rah's original partner for this fashion show, a piece of her mind and calls her out for not doing anything. However, Toya defends herself and isn't impressed with Remy's work. Remy is ready to pounce and demands Rah that she kicks Toya out.

But that's not enough for Remy and even tells her DJ to pack up and leave. Rah is dumbfounded by this and confronts Remy and tries to stop the DJ from leaving. This leads to a confrontation between the two ladies, and now it looks like their friendship is over. However, Remy takes it back and brings the DJ back. While the two have a lot to discuss, the show did go on.

When we thought things we done, Lexxy is upset that she was only asked to model and not perform. She's even more upset that Mariahlynn of all people was chosen to take the stage. Although she keeps her composure on the runway, things go crazy backstage when the two rappers go at it even though everyone in the audience can hear.

Pregnancies, rap rivalries and Self's cheating, there's so much going on that you need to tune in next week to see how all of these scenarios play out.

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