The third season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood ended with the Ray J and Princess' wedding. And although that chapter closed with love, last night's (July 24) fourth season premiere was laced with anger. And it all centered around Hazel-E and her vendetta to get back at many women on the show. Her first target was Masika. She invited Masika to her Girl Code party, which was meant to celebrate female empowerment, and Hazel showed everyone how confident she was. When Masika started to cause a scene, Hazel shut it down and got Masika and her crew kicked out of the event.

And when you thought Hazel-E was done getting back at the ladies, she made sure that she also aimed a shot at Teairra Mari, who she's been on-and-off friends with since the show started. Although the two lived together and seemed to patch things up last season, she still had hard feelings about Teairra creeping around with one of Hazel's exes. But instead of trying to talk it out, the women quickly started bickering, and of course, drinks and plates were thrown.

And while Moniece claimed the title for hot mess last season, it looked like she got her act together. She's been hard at work on her album, things between her and Fizz are going well, and there's a new love in her life. But it was a bit of a surprise to find out that Moniece got herself a girlfriend. AD and her have been together for six months, and Fizz was okay with the relationship, too, mainly because their son Cam was bonding well with AD.

Brooke Valentine was one of the many new members in this season's cast, and she's ready to revive her career with a new record. And she planned to do with with her man, Marcus, by her side. At first their interactions were purely professional, mainly because he was still married, but once he told her that he's divorced, they started their whirlwind romance. And on last night's episode, Marcus started to hint at marriage. Brooke's head over heels for him; so she was excited. But considering his past, she had some reservations. So she talked to his mom about it. Despite how much Marcus' mother loves, Brooke and his relationship, she revealed that Marcus actually wasn't divorced from his wife -- making Brooke feel like a sidepiece.

Although Nikki and Safaree tried to start a relationship at the end of last season, that didn't last. The two are friends and caught up a little at Hazel's Girl Code party. Aside from catching up with her ex, she also seemed to be the only one to be a friend to Hazel but later made sure to increase their squad's power by bringing in Alexis, who's also Fetty Wap's ex. Because of Fetty's tryst with Masika, Alexis left him. However, that didn't mean that she's not blaming Masika for it. The new cast member flew to the left coast to rain on Masika's parade.

And finally, the fourth season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood welcomed Keyshia Cole. After her very public and heartbreaking split from her man, Booby, she came back to this season stronger than ever. But there's one little surprise for fans -- Booby and Keyshia were still living under the same roof. Despite the cheating fiasco, Keyshia still had love for Booby -- as a friend. So when he was done with the NBA and needed to get it together, she let him move into her home and take care of the domestic duties while Keyshia was working on her music. It was obvious that the tension between the two in the house was thick. And although Booby confronted the situation and tried to ease her mind about things, it was clear that Keyshia needed some time to let him back in again, even if it's just for the sake of their friendship.

Ray J and Princess were practically nonexistent in the Season 4 premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, but don't worry, they'll be all over it in upcoming episodes. So be sure to tune in next week to get the latest tea on the show.

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