Last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood showed us that Cisco has been enjoying himself with more than one woman. And like most shady fun, especially on this show, things came to an explosive end. When we thought Teairra and Cisco were finally seeing eye to eye, a shopping trip turned into a major cat fight between Teairra and Cisco's side piece, Amber. When both women found out, Tea was done with her man. Meanwhile, Amber went back into the dressing room and started crying. Cisco attempted to salvage things with Teairra, but his reasons weren't good enough. And in the end, Teairra drove away without him.

Booby had been picking up the pieces since moving back in with his ex, Keyshia. And after seeing that his friendship with Brooke could be more than platonic, Booby was ready to get his own place. And while he didn't reveal his ulterior motives for the relocation, it didn't seem to matter because Keyshia was glad that he was moving on and that they could finally be friends. And the exes celebrated the announcement with champagne.

Since the season four premiere, A.D. and Moniece have shown that they're in love. And although things were going well, even with Fizz, A.D.'s best friend, Tiffany, was thinking otherwise. From the moment A.D. and Moniece started seeing each other, we learned that their relationship was very volatile. And since Tiffany was A.D.'s close confidant, she knew all the bad sides of Moniece. So when Tiffany found out that her friend was now living with the "enemy," she warned A.D. to watch out. Of course, Moniece didn't appreciate this and lashed back. And A.D. ended up in the middle.

Zell and Mr. Ray have never gotten along all season. But that's taking a tool on Masika, Nia and Moniece. So Masika wanted to remedy that by getting the two men together. Unfortunately, we found that Zell had been creeping around with Ray's boyfriend. And that just couldn't end well.

While we normally tell you to tune in next week, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood showed back-to-back episodes. So check out the next episode here to find out what happens next.

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