After finding out that her man, Marcus, has been creeping around with the paralegal who helped him with the divorce, Brooke immediately confronted the situation. First, she blasted Marcus for doing what he did. And we found out that he didn't seem too guilty about being with Jade. He was more disappointed that Brooke found out. After Brooke and Marcus' conversation, Jade came over. Marcus and her started speaking then Brooke came into the room. Jade looked smug and felt she had the upper hand. Unfortunately, it seemed that Marcus was ready to drop her. Jade tried to save face and not look hurt, but we're sure she was heartbroken.

Meanwhile, Marcus thought, like when he finally handed Brooke the divorce papers, everything was good again. But Brooke had news for him, and she was done with their relationship. Marcus professed his love for her, but she just kept walking in the other direction.

Although Brooke might be on the market again, Teairra officially announced that she was in love. And while you may have thought this would be a new cast member, it's actually Cisco -- from Love & Hip Hop in New York. They've been dating for three months, and now she was ready to introduce him to her friends. But when she brought it up to them, they seemed reserved about it.

Things then took a turn for the worse when the meeting actually happened. Nia brought up the fact that Teairra was a recovering alcoholic, which didn't seem to be getting better as she guzzled her wine at the table. Then Moniece confronted Cisco about the fact he bad-mouthed her to Rich Dollaz last season. Then finally Teairra's cousin, Zell, called him out for the times he's cried on his own season. Cisco could only take so much and eventually walked out of the situation. Teairra drunkenly walked after him. And when he made her choose between her man and her friends, she went back home with Cisco.

Princess and Ray have been trying to have a baby. However she didn't understand why she still wasn't pregnant. As we found out in last week's episode, Ray's sperm count was lower than average. However, he didn't want to upset Princess further and kept telling her that they would continue to try.

Finally Lyrica was working hard on her new album and making sure she made a good record for her and A1's new label. But as she was in the booth, A1 had visitors -- Ty Dolla $ign's little sister, Angel Gold, and her manager. Once Lyrica found out who was out there, she started to argue with A1 about the situation. In an earlier conversation, she wanted to be the only female artist on their label. But instead of A1 breaking the news to Angel Gold, she had Lyrica do it instead. Although she tried to be civil about it, Angel's manager seemed persistent to make the meeting happen at another time. That immediately set Lyrica off, and the arguments started brewing. Once the two women left, she yelled at A1 for pushing her into a corner like that.

Be sure to tune in next week to see what happens next.

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