Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's third season officially came to a close with the second part of the reunion special on Monday (Nov. 15) night. And last time we were with the California cast, Masika was in the hot seat. She wasn't there long--once Hazel walked onto the stage. The two have had their issues on and off camera. From the moment Hazel questioned whether or not Fetty Wap was the actual father of Masika's baby to whether that same man actually collaborated with Hazel, the episode proved that these two wouldn't be able to resolve their issues.

Masika also had her issues with Max and Brandi when it came to that collaboration. After Brandi quickly got in Masika's face at Max's studio, it was clear that no one should ever mess with either woman. While Brandi knew that her husband wasn't cheating, her distaste for Masika was so high that she couldn't hold it back.

While many of cast members went through rough patches throughout the season, they seemed to find solace in their relationships. However, Willie and Shanda's biggest problem was their marriage, which became a centerpiece in the beginning of the third season. And at the reunion, not only did they talk about their current arrangement but also face the other woman. While the woman in question continued to say she was in a long-term relationship with Willie, he continued to claim his innocence. Although Shanda went through a lot of the indecisiveness, she was ready to support her man's stance. But she remained firm on the declaration that while they were married, she is still separated from her husband. On a lighter note, she promised that she will make sure Willie is part of the children's lives if their relationship were to actually fizzle.

While some may have thought he would be a minor addition to the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast on this season, Safaree grew to become one of the more entertaining stars of the show. While he was criticized for his New-York-meets-Jamaica accent, it was clear that the boys had his back while some of the ladies could do without him, especially Rosa.

Lyrica, A-1 and their mothers' relationships were also under the microscope. Whether it was the endless arguments between the mom's to the reaction to their children's elopement, Lyrica G, Pam, Lyrica and A-1 went through a lot this season. However despite all the fighting, it looks like the family is doing better.

Unfortunately, we can't say the same for Teairra Mari. During season three, she was going in and out of court and jail due to an alleged assault with an uber driver. And although a lot of time passed, Teairra revealed that she was still waiting to go to court and wasn't sure what her future held. Despite people feeling for her, that subsided a little when Teairra said she wasn't getting help for her drinking problem.

Last night's reunion ended with a highlight reel that didn't only show us the season's highlights but also was edited in a way that will quickly make you laugh.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood may have come to an end, but don't worry, the New Yorkers of Love & Hip Hop are back next week.

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