After weeks of fights, tears and weddings, the third season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has come to an end. And in the first part of the reunion special, the drama from the season unsurprisingly continued. Let's start with Fizz. While he wasn't necessarily a focus this season, it seemed like the spotlight was on him Monday evening (October 7). Nia put Fizz's and Moniece's relationship under the microscope since he was living at his baby mama's at the top of the season. The two both explain that they're purely co-parenting. Nia also revealed that Moniece had a girlfriend, and news finally came out that she was bisexual.

Then he got into it with Nikki, who he initially was dating at the beginning of the season, but the two soon broke up.

While much of the audience was on Fizz's side due to Nikki's band of lovers over the course of the season, the opinion was split when it came to Fizz's defense of Moniece and her sex tape. When that topic came up, Princess, Jason, Brandi and Max stood on one side of the issue while Moniece and Fizz were on the other. Although it was Max who gave Fizz the heads up about Jason's potential release of the video, the two men ended up at odds with one another. And it was clear that this problem would put an end to their close friendship.

As previously mentioned, Nikki was scrutinized for being in multiple relationships during season three. But despite what happened with her, Safaree and Rosa as well as how the season ended where it looked like Safaree, Nikki had gone back to dating Rosa. And temperature rose when the two shared some kisses.

While Safaree was a single man again, he was questioned about his intentions toward Nikki during the season. Was he just being a gold digger? And why did he ask for that threesome with Nikki and Rosa? He did defend himself when it came to his own professional endeavors. And when it came to the threesome, his boys, Ray J and A1, were there to give the man props for reaping the female wealth.

Finally, Masika was the final cast member in the hot seat. Not only did she have to explain her relationship with Fetty Wap, but she also had to defend her comments about Brandi's child to the world. Either way, Masika was definitely not completely innocent.

That's all for the first part of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion special. Tune in next week to find out what happened to Teairra Mari's legal problems, A1 and Lyrica's mom issues and Shanda and Willie's split.

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