When we last left Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Lyfe Jennings looked like he was going to ask Karlie to marry him. However, after Karlie fell to the ground, he surprised her and the rest of us when he told her that the ring was promise that he can no longer deal with her. And while he said she can keep the bling, he's done with her. That was definitely not the proposal anyone expected and left Karlie flustered, but on the flip side, now she has a new rock for her finger. Now everyone is wondering if it's actually real.

Despite the breakup, that didn't leave Karlie in pieces as she showed Tiarra and Jessica Dime at Stevie J's pool party. Karlie shared the story with the other two ladies, and everyone was still skeptical about whether or not Lyfe duped Karlie with a fake. But we'll find more about that on a future episode because it seemed that Karlie has been burning bridges with everyone. Her next target was Tiara. Karlie finally told Tiarra about her relations with Scrapp. And although Tiarra has been hanging out with J. Nicks more, that's still her baby daddy and thought Karlie was her friend. So how did Tiarra react? she threw her Celine purse into the pool. Well, there went thousands of dollars down the drain, but Karlie wasn't too upset and said she could get another.

Meanwhile, Dime was chilling at the party and judging her friends for not having class. But Jessica's own crazy colors came out when she saw Stevie enter the party with "his wife" Joseline. Since Dime and Stevie have been working together and hanging out more, she wasn't too pleased to see the site and confront Joseline. Unfortunately since Jessica was only a guest and Joseline was the belle of that ball, she was thrown out of the party.

Getting back to Tiarra. Her brawling ways continued when she attended a trade show with J. Nicks. Although that isn't the usual place for fights, the show was hosted by J. Nicks on-and-off girlfriend, Amber. Before the show, J. Nicks and Yung Joc met up in the studio to come clean about what Joc's been doing with Amber and that J. Nicks has been hanging with Tiarra. Since the guys squared things away, one would think that the ladies would be cool, too. But this is Love & Hip Hop Atlanta after all, and nothing was ever as smooth as hoped. So back at the party, Amber and Tiarra quickly got into an argument that resulted in products being thrown and a whole lot of embarrassment for both parties.

Despite all the relationship issues everyone else was going through, Ariane had her eyes set on other things. She was so set to kick off her music career and already had a meeting with D. Smith to work with her. But that working relationship was short-lived since Ariana didn't appreciate that D. brought in a vocal coach to train her instead of a producer to work on new music.

Since things didn't work out with D. Smith, Ariane flew to New York City to meet up with her pal, K. Michelle, at her show in Webster Hall and chat about her budding music career. Unfortunately, we found out that even K. Michelle had her doubts about Ariane because of a time that she tried Ariane out as a backup singer. Apparently, Ariane is just not as good of a vocalist as she originally thought.

Finally, we end this week's recap with one of the most heartbreaking moments of the season. After Tammy revealed that she knew that her husband, Waka Flocka Flame, hasn't been faithful to her, she and Waka have decided to separate. After breaking the news to Bambi, Tammy looked hurt but strong. However when it came time for her fashion show, she found comfort in her girlfriends and wept in their arms. And the it gets even more heart-wrenching when Deb Atney, Waka's mom, attends the show, and the two have a heart-to-heart. They both didn't want things to end this way, but it's up to Waka to change his ways.

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