In this episode of 'Love & Hip Hop,' Peter, Amina and Tara attempt to coexist for the sake of their families, the custody battle between Mendeecees and Samantha continues to be an issue, Chink and Chrissy attempt to work things out, and Erica has a big bombshell to drop involving her love life.

The show opens with Yandy and Mendeecees discussing the tense encounter between Judy, Samantha and Kim from last episode. They plan to continue to hack away at the roadblock that is the custody battle over Mendeecees' son.

Cisco, Chink Santana, Mendeecees and Rich Dollaz meet up at the Sin City strip club to discuss the drama in their respective relationships. Cisco laments his disgust of Diamond Strawberry's sudden fling with producer Roc and informs the fellas of his plan to turn his attention toward repairing the relationship between him and his baby's mother.

Peter Gunz comes up with yet another moronic idea and convinces Tara to allow their sons to share a meal and meet Amina and their newborn daughter. Amina is so thirsty enough for validation as the new woman that she doesn't seem to mind the situation at all, but the same cannot be said for the rest of the parties. Peter is shifty and looking like a man wondering what he just got himself into, Tara was colder than a glacier of ice and the kids looked as befuddled and confused as anyone.

Yandy has a sit-down with Kim to discuss the situation between Mendeecees and his baby's mother concerning custody. Yandy believes that the compromise she, Mendeecees and Judy presents is more than fair, but Kim and Samantha feel otherwise and are unsatisfied with the proposal. Kim also hilariously demands that Judy cover her dry cleaning bill after throwing a drink on her during their previous encounter, which draws quite a chuckle from Kim.

Cyn and Precious Paris meet up and happen to discuss the latter's unhappiness with Rich Dollaz's perceived lack of support and urgency as a manager. Paris is clearly nearing the point of frustration and wants answers and her gripes resolved sooner than later.

Erica Mena confides in best friend and manager Albee and reveals that her and Shad Moss -- formerly known as Bow Wow -- have taken their friendship from platonic to a full-blown romance and Erica seems more than comfortable with the transition.

After thinking things over, Chink decides that Chrissy is the woman that he wants to be with and arranges to meet up with her to attempt a reconciliation. The two eventually come to terms with where they are in their relationship, with Chrissy agreeing to be completely transparent in terms of pregnancy and them having a baby, while Chink agrees to consider getting a legal separation from his estranged wife.

Yandy catches up with Judy to further discuss wedding plans, Judy's actions during her previous encounter with Kim and Samantha and updates her on where all parties are at in relation to the custody battle between Mendeecees and Samantha. Judy questions Yandy's loyalty to her and is far from pleased with how the situation is playing out. She ultimately leaves the meeting visibly upset.

Amina and Erica hang out to discuss the latest in their love lives, with Amina bringing up the awkward family dinner date and Erica informing Amina of her budding fling with Bow Wow.

Cisco's baby moms presses him about not being there for her during her pregnancy and the status of his relationship with Diamond. Cisco assures her that Diamond is a thing of the past and he is all-in as far as attempting to mend their relationship. She agrees, but only under the condition that it's not sexual and Cisco reluctantly accepts.

Chink meets up with a close friend and discusses the prospect of settling down with Chrissy and introducing her to the rest of his family, which his friend is clearly in disagreement with.

Yandy arranges for Kim and Judy to meet again for the first time since the drink-throwing incident in an attempt to patch things up and find common ground. After all parties air their grievances, they come to an agreement to let bygones be bygones.

Then Precious Paris shows up to the studio to confront Rich over his lack of production as a manager and ignoring her phone calls. When Precious arrives, there's also a new artist that Rich -- unbeknownst to Paris -- is also currently managing. While attempting to question Rich and his actions, the artist, Jhonni Blaze, appears to be perturbed with the impromptu meeting taking place during her personal studio session and voices her displeasure.

After a short back-and-forth spat between Paris and Blaze, Jhonni attacks her before security quickly steps in to break up the cat-fight, but not without both hurling expletives at each other, setting the stage for what will surely be a beef that's revisited in future episodes.

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