If there's one lesson to take away from this week's episode of Love & Hip Hop, it's that home isn't always where the heart is.

Rich Dollaz meets with Jhonni Blaze after last week's fiasco and apologizes for the fight, but urges her to play nice and focus on being a lover, not a fighter. Jhonni continues to make subtle advances on Rich, playing footsies with him under the table and attempting to seduce him. He finally gives in to her flirtatious ways -- as many other men would -- and tells her to meet him in the bathroom of the restaurant. If you don't know what that means, you have a lot of learning to do about life.

Yandy informs Mendeecees she met with his assistant and, of course, he's unhappy about it. He assures her everything is on the up-and-up with the assistant, but Yandy isn't so sure about that. His fiancee, who clearly has something personal against their work relationship, shows Mendeecees how the assistant swagger-jacked her outfit. He views it as admiration and thinks Yandy should look under the surface, but she's adamant in putting the assistant in her place by any means necessary.

Peter Gunz is livid at Amina for spilling his secrets to Tara -- the word snitch is thrown around way too much. He calls it the ultimate betrayal -- as if him cheating on Tara with Amina and having a baby by her wasn't that bad. Amina believes she's not in the wrong. Peter will now be single and do him if she keeps going behind his back, he claims, all while packing his clothes as if to signal he's moving out. This brings Amina to tears and she threatens to go to Germany with their child. Peter demands for a divorce if she does and leaves the apartment.

Erica Mena is spending quality time with her son, King, and her mother and breaks the news that Bow Wow proposed to her at a BET Awards after party -- real classy, Shad. Erica goes on to say that she accepted and her mother seems happy for her daughter, but is concerned about King and his reaction to the news. Erica is also cautious about bringing a new man into King's life and decides to do so when she's emotionally ready.

Rich, Cisco and Peter meet up and discuss the happenings in their love life. Cisco says he can relate to Peter's situation sincehis baby mother ran off with his kids (and for good reason, dude was a dirtbag). He also informs the crew that he and Diamond Strawberry are over. Rich agrees to introduce Cyn Santana to Cisco so they can possibly work together on a song, which seems to be right up Cisco's alley. Any man that's ever been attracted to a female noticed the look on his face when Cyn's name was mentioned.

Chrissy makes her sole appearance on the episode while at a photo shoot for her upcoming spread in a men's magazine. She says Chink hasn't followed through on her promises and that if he doesn't get his act together, she'll look elsewhere for her love and affection.

Diamond hits up Rich for advice because she went through Cisco's phone on false pretenses, much to Rich's amusement. Diamond wants to try a relationship with Cisco once more and gives Rich a letter to give to him, which details her feelings. She asks Rich to put in a good word for her with Cisco. Talk about pressed.

Tara and Amina meet up again to discuss their long-running love triangle. Tara informs her she slept with Peter around the time of Amina's pregnancy. Since Peter left Tara with two kids, she tells the singer he'll do the same to her eventually. Amina is conflicted about Tara's intentions, but sees the truth in her statements.

We get a brief check-in from Yandy, who says her pregnancy is taking a toll on her business and is home on doctor's orders. Mendeecees says she shouldn't be working and is concerned -- they share a quick Hallmark moment. Rich introduces Cyn and Cisco and the two talk about the tribute song to her brother that she wants Cisco to produce. Cyn leaves briefly to use the restroom and Rich informs Cisco of his meeting with Diamond and tries to give him her letter, but he rejects it. He's clearly over Diamond and wants nothing to do with her and instead inquires about Cyn, whom he's visibly attracted to. Rich gives him the green light.

Peter goes to see Amina play one of her new songs at a live performance. He has second thoughts about his actions during their last meeting. She's surprised to see Peter and is upset at his presence. He tries to apologize, but Amina isn't so sure and threatens to go to Germany again with their baby. She continues to fight back against Peter's actions and finally begins to grow a backbone and take a stand. She packs up her bags to go overseas, taking back control of her life.

Erica tells her son about Bow Wow and her plans to marry him. King seems weirded out about it and is less than excited. Erica continues to try to get her son's approval and he finally seems to be more open to the idea.

Mendeecees lies and makes Yandy think their son is being rushed to the hospital because he couldn't get in touch with her and feels the need to get her full attention. Upon meeting Mendeecees at the studio, she's upset her son is there and not home -- she looks highly stressed and worried. Mendeecees says it's actually her fault since she didn't pick up the phone. His assistant comes in and that sets Yandy off, causing an argument to ensue. Her man thinks Yandy is taking her job more seriously than her family. She disagrees and they have a heated argument that looks like it won't be resolved anytime soon.

Check back next week for more drama and heartbreak in the land of Love & Hip Hop.

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