After finding out that Miles Brock was finally going to come out to Amber Hunter in last week's episode, he officially reveals the news to her this week. And depending on how you look at the situation, the result was to be expected. While Amber thought that this therapy session was going to be a way for the two of them to work towards getting back together again, she's slapped back into reality when he tells her that he's in love with a man. After hearing the news, she not only sobs her eyes out but runs out of the room and practically collapses outside. But really, who can blame her? Amber's heart has been literally shattered into a million pieces.

The therapist quickly tells Miles that he needs to go talk to Amber. And although he tries to console her, she's so upset that she looks like she's about to punch him in the face. To diffuse the situation, the therapist speaks with Amber and explains that there was no other way this could have gone down. She was going to be hurt no matter when he told her. So Amber explained that she doesn't hate Miles but just needs time and to just soak it all in, which the therapist agrees with and relays to Miles. And although he's got through this hurdle, he has another bridge to cross -- tell his family.

But before he comes out to the family, Amber shares the news with her grandmother, who's also upset by it but really not surprised. However she makes sure to be a shoulder for Amber to cry on and remind her that she's there for her.

Miles finally does meet up with his mom and sister and explain that he's in love with Milan. Taken aback by the news, his sister asks him if he sleeps with men, which he responded yes to. Everyone starts to break down and even question his decisions. But even though they don't necessarily agree with it, they reassure him that they will be there for him no matter what.

While Miles' coming out was easily the focus of this week's episode, the cast members did have their own dramas going down.

Brandi and Max Boyd have been on the rocks since Brandi caught her man having a little party in the studio. And after he threw his wedding ring at her, Brandi is so heated she calls on T.I.'s wife, Tiny Cottle-Harris, for a chat. After Brandi vents, Tiny quickly jumps in and commends her for holding her own in the situation but also knows that Brandi can get out of hand and also needs to take in some of the blame, which she accepts and realizes that Tiny is right.

Meanwhile, Max is trying to keep his head in the game and works with Fizz in the studio. After their session, the catch up on the fact that Fizz is all about Nikki Mudarris while Max reveals what Nikki and Brandi did when they bum-rushed him in the studio. While he was mad about that and threw his ring, Max shows his softer side and reveals that he loves his family wouldn't leave them.

Brandi tries to make it up to him and spoil him with some treats in bed. She also apologizes for nagging him and going crazy about what he's doing when he's not home. Max then explains that growing up without examples of good relationships make him who he is but then sweetens the deal by surprising her with new rings that they both can wear. Brandi is so surprised and swept off her feet, and it looks like these two will be living happily ever after -- at least for tonight.

Nia Riley tells her girls about the ongoing situation with Soulja Boy and his side piece, Nas. While Soulja agrees to meet with both women, it unsurprisingly doesn't end well. But one thing that Nia does take away from the conversation with her girls is that she really needs to call Soulja Boy out on all his wrongdoings.

So the two sit down and hash it out. While Soulja though things would smooth over with all his apologizing, Nia can't take it anymore. She tells him that he has to change, this issue is not new and he needs to check himself. In the end, she's ready to punch him in the face. But instead, she gets up and leaves the situation.

Meanwhile, Nikki visits Nas at her store opening to straighten a few things out, especially the fact that the collaboration that the two ladies originally spoke about is officially done. The conversation turns into an argument that ends with Nas not only tossing her drink at Nikki but also throwing up on the spot. But was this sickness due to bad champagne or could it be something else?

Ray J has been hurting since he and Princess broke up and she moved out. But of course, who conveniently shows up? Teairra Mari. So the two meet up at their usual place and hash out the issues. However Ray quickly smells all the bull and calls Teairra out for only being friends with Princess to break them up. Teairra continues to deny it, and the conversation turns into another argument -- leading to the two hating on each other again.

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