It’s hard to ignore just how game changing the Nike Roshe One model was as we see it’s reverberations bubbling up with brands to this day. Louis Vuitton is the latest to borrow inspiration from the model for their latest lifestyle look called the Fastlane.

The model’s general shape appears to be borrowed from Nike’s popular runner but Louis Vuitton put their own distinctly luxurious feel on it. With leather checkerboard paneling meeting a mesh toe box these are the best of both worlds when it comes to class meets comfort. They are available in two colors - black and navy - with both pairs flanked by red accents and a white outsole.

The Louis Vuitton Fastlane doesn’t come cheap with a price tag of $785. We know that most sneakerheads won't even take a second look at these kicks, but it's interesting to see how the luxury brands mimic popular sneaker models.

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