Remaining members of Queens rap group the Lost Boyz have announced that they will be reuniting in celebration of fallen member Freaky Tah's 40th birthday this coming Saturday (May 14).

Founding members Mr. Cheeks and Pretty Lou are planning to gather in Lincoln Park in South Ozone Park, Queens, to honor their spirited, gravel-throated hype man, who was tragically gunned down on March 28, 1999, while leaving Mr. Cheeks' birthday party at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel, in South Jamaica, Queens. He was 27 at the time of his death. The group broke up shortly after Tah's passing, and the release of their poorly received third album 'LB IV Life,' which came out in September 1999.

Freaky Tah, born Raymond Rodgers, is best known for his gruff ad libs and violent, melancholy solo song '1, 2, 3,' from the group's 1995 debut 'Legal Drug Money.'

Several men were arrested in connection to Tah's murder, including his shooter, Kelvin Jones, who was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison, and one of the passengers in the getaway car, Raheem Fletcher, who received seven years. Three days after Tah's death, a man named Rodger Paggent was shot to death in Ozone Park, in an alleged act of retaliation.

It is not yet clear whether Saturday's event will feature performances or simply be a celebration of the late Lost Boyz member's life. Missing from the festivities will be fellow Lost Boyz founder Spigg Nice, currently serving a 37-year sentence for committing a spree of bank robberies.

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