What happens when you bring three artists from three different genres together on a track? One big dance party. R&B songstress Lorine Chia and rapper Machine Gun Kelly team up with DJ E-V and mash-up their styles to create 'GoodTime.'

The song is all EDM with synths that blare in the background and a beat that speeds up to signal its peak. However, with the Billy Holiday-esque vocals Chia brings to the table along with MGK's rhymes, the typical electro club tune is given another layer.

"Don't deny what you feeling inside / Just relax, have a good time," she sings.

"And they say girls ain't nothing but trouble / But I say go ahead and bring me a double, Courvoisier / You already know what we up to / I'm tryna change the world with one drink, mothaf---a," MGK spits on the mic.

Aside from the Cleveland connection the three artists share, E-V is also MGK's official mixtape DJ.

'GoodTime,' released through EST 19XX, is available on iTunes.