Ever get lost in your own head? Well, singer Lorine Chia shows us what it would be to like to witness a confused brain at work in her latest visual for 'Lost In My Mind,' a song featured on her 'Naked Truths' album. The Boombox has the exclusive premiere of the video.

Set in her hometown of Cleveland, the effort details a warped version of Lorine going through her day. Walking through the mall or through the city, you start to see technicolor filters, double visions of the singer and even wid- angle shots that make you feel like your mind is starting to warp itself.

"I'm lost in my mind / It seems I can't find peace / Stuck on rewind / I feel like I'm not at ease," she sings on the chorus.

The Frisson Media-directed clip also finds Chia blowing out a large set of candles and engaging in activities backwards compared to what's happening in real time. In the end, the songstress takes control of the chaos and destroys her piano with a sledgehammer, leaving it in pieces.

This year is looking to be a big one for Lorine Chia. In addition to appearing in The Fader's 90th issue in the section guest edited by Rookie Magazine, she also lands on The Boombox's list of 15 R&B Artists to Watch in 2014.