Lorine Chia goes biblical with a modern twist in the latest visual for her track, 'Eve's Perspective.' Playing on the story of Adam and Eve, the singer walks through a garden and, as the story goes, takes a bite from the apple and learns some form of truth.

Directed by Moxie Films, the video is a twist on the Garden of Eden. Chia is inside a home where she is painting different images that seem to plague her mind. After she draws an apple, the garden appears and Chia strolls around the area to find a grayish-white fruit with "you shall know all things good and evil" etched into it.

The video may have a religious layer to it, however, the song explores the power of knowledge and what one can do with it. 'Eve's Perspective,' a D&D-produced track, is one of the latest songs off Lorine Chia's sophomore effort, 'Naked Truths,' out now.