Tokers rejoice! Today marks April 20 and while the average American citizen (at least for now) may think of it as just another ordinary day, those in the know consider it a holiday for smoking copious amounts of weed.

You can be sure that a large majority of your favorite artists are participating in today's festivities. In celebration of the occasion, we caught up with heavyweight smokers Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. Ever since emerging on the scene alongside 50 Cent during the early aughts, both have been known to have an affinity for the sticky icky and often drop random references to their consumption throughout their verses.

Just one listen to tracks like Lloyd Banks' aptly-tilted cuts "I Get High" and "Surrounded by Weed," there's no doubt about the lyrical pugilist's love affair with Mary Jane. And anyone who has the gull to challenge Snoop Dogg of all people to a smoke-off has to possess the lungs of a champion chiefer. Tony Yayo has also let it be known that he's pro-marijuana on songs like "Weed and Hennessy." Taking all of that into account, the G-Unit soldiers are pretty much experts when it comes to the ganja.

Banks and Yayo visited The Boombox office recently to talk about their wild experience in Amsterdam, which strain of weed Dr. Dre keeps in the stash, DJ Whoo Kidd's nasty reaction to smoking, faded trips to Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles, why Snoop Dogg is the greatest smoker of them all and more.

The Boombox: So what are some of the illest smoking experiences you two ever had?

Tony Yayo: I can tell you an ill smoking experience. Amsterdam. Red Light District. They thought I wasn't gonna get into London cause of my felonies and stuff like that, but one of my friends pulls it off to where I get into London. So the whole production team, Banks, and everybody [else] are all bringing me weed. They can't bring this all into London, like "Here, Yayo. Here, Yayo."

Lloyd Banks: Yeah, I remember that. I had like 12 bags myself. My draws were popping out with s---.

Yayo: So I never in my life thought I'd get tired of weed, but I'm in Amsterdam and now I'm hearing s--- in the Grand Hotel.

You think you're hallucinating?

Yayo: Hallucinating, seeing s---. And everybody gone -- I'm by myself.  I hit the office, for real, like "I gotta get outta here." I had like two, three days left there. So they finally got me in London -- I was happy as s---. I packed my bags, outta here. Smoked my last little bit of weed. So mind you, I left like 60 bags of weed in the hotel. So, I'm supposed to be in the Grand Hotel for two more days. The hotel calls G-Unit office and they're like, "Uh, Mr. Bernard left a substantial amount of weed, we don't wanna throw it out." 'Cause it's Amsterdam.

They think I'm coming back and they're thinking if my weed's missing, it's gonna be a problem. Brain Dead, AK-48, AK-47, Bob Marley Weed Shop. And it's crazy. And we get all this stuff free 'cause we know Cannabis King Arjan. So, my first night [in Amsterdam], I was with Whoo Kidd and we had a couple of people with us. And it was crazy 'cause we get all the weed free, food free when we go to Greenhouse, all the time. And it was just crazy, man.

So they called and they actually tried to give me back my weed. I told 'em we were in London, they can throw it out. So the office called and that was crazy 'cause to me, if you wanna enjoy Amsterdam, if you really wanna have a good time, three days or a nice weekend out there will be good. Just to see the Red Light District 'cause you can't go in there with cameras or anything. Just to see it and sit back, smoke weed and eat food and relax. And it's zero violence there. So everything that's illegal is legal and there's zero violence.

And it's all good, like everybody's on chill for the most part.

Yayo: So that's why they might as well legalize smoke anyway.

So what about you, Banks? I remember back in the day you were supposed to have a smoke-off with Snoop Dogg or you were talking about who could outsmoke each other. Did you ever do that?

Banks: My first few experiences with Snoop... yeah, he let me know it was real. 'Cause you gotta think, it's my first time being in Cali and I have the privilege to smoke with them. And B-Real too [from Cypress Hill].

Yeah, people definitely sleep on B-Real when it comes to smokers in rap.

Banks: I'll never forget this s---; he rolled a blunt about the size of a f---ing ruler, but out of papers though. So he had all the papers lined up and s--- -- not like one big paper, but mad papers.

It looked like a diagram?

Banks: Yeah. And then he just rolled it and we smoked that s---. And it's funny 'cause I never forgot that. And 50 [Cent] seen that we ended up in Amsterdam in the Greenhouse and the guy was just bringing out all this weed, like, 20 different ounces of different s---. And 50, with his bright ideas -- he don't even smoke. But we all rolled it, like, three of us. And we sat and did the same s--- [that B-Real did]. And I had a brownie, this was my first time mixing it with a brownie.

Yeah, so you were zooted.

Banks: So, I'm like "Why am I so thirsty?" So I was drinking everything. And the more you drink, the more it break down. I was high for like the whole day. I probably did about five songs that night, but I was so high. Whoo Kidd threw up on the [hotel's] front desk, 'cause he had a weed tea. He was like, "Let me get my room key" and hurled. We've had so many experiences with bud.

Yayo: Cali, with Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre smoked some s--- called Guido.

Banks: He gave me a jar about this big the first time I went out to Cali, like "Here you go." I was like "Damn!"

Yayo: He had a closet full of Hennessy and the Guido right there, we were like, "Oh s---."

Is Guido weed or is it like hash?

Banks: Nah, Kush.

So it's like a strand?

Banks: Now, it's so many different kinds of Kush, but back then it was basically O.G. They ain't have sour and s--- like that out there, it was more O.G. and purp -- to be honest, that's my preference. And Cheese. You ever had Cheese.


Banks: Bam [gives interviewer a dap]! I only get that in Amsterdam. And AK-48, sheesh. When I'm in L.A., I don't wanna go to the clubs, I wanna get my weed and I go to Roscoe's [House of] Chicken and Waffles, and I'm good. If I'm high.

What's your go-to order when you hit up Roscoe's?

Yayo: Two Waffles and like six wings. If I'm on some high s---, I might throw a chicken breast in it, you know what I'm saying.

Banks: Let me tell you, the most extreme weed experience was the wax.

Yeah, I try to tell people that's no joke.

Banks: I took a dab, Kidd Kidd will tell you. My first one because I was like, "This s--- ain't nothing, I done smoked every f---in' thing. I smoked that s---, one pull and it was like a scene out of [Who Framed] Roger Rabbit.  It was like steam was coming out; I was sweating -- how do do you say the word -- profusely. I was sweating crazy like Pat Ewing. I kept coughing, I ain't know what was going on. So if anybody hasn't done it, I suggest that you try that. It feels like your first time hitting a blunt. I actually hit a blunt on the roof...  So if you wanna try something extreme, try that. Get high and get high! One little slip and I'd have been done for.

Where's that?

Banks: That's at G-Unit offices [in New York City] on the roof. I said if I die, you better do an ill documentary on my ass.

Yayo: You gotta go to Amsterdam. You know what's bugged out in Amsterdam, you come out there and n----s is on the runway lighting joints.

Banks: Cali too. The Bay? Man, shout out to Warren Sapp. Shout out to E-40, he gave me some s--- called Cat Piss. I exited the locker room after that s---. Crazy out there.

Yayo: Everywhere on that side got good bud though.

Banks: I can't just say Amsterdam, but for the experience, it's ill. Police lit my first blunt out there. On the street, like "You gotta light?"

Yayo: I remember smoking with Redman too, in Barcelona. I was open too, smoking with Red, that was crazy.

Who tapped out first?

Yayo: C'mon you know I can't f--- with Redman [in smoking]. Snoop Dogg. The funny s--- is last time we did a show, it was me, Kidd Kidd. Buck couldn't smoke 'cause he's on paper. 50 was there, he was high too, smoke was blowing in his face. 'Cause you know Snoop, he'll roll up and have a box full of blunts. 'Cause 50's sitting next to him and he's catching contact and smokes getting in his eyes and s---. When you smoke with Snoop, it's over, man. By the time we were done, when it came time to do our little drops and such, everybody did theirs, but when that s--- got to Kidd Kidd, he was like Kidd Kidd [slurs his name].

Then you start feeling s--- in your body when you smoke with Snoop, everybody was cooking blunts. I can't f--- with that n----. That's Bob Marley right there; he's Bob Marley reincarnated. Nobody can out outsmoke Snoop, nobody in the world.

Banks: That's when you know you have the highest level of loud, when your heart starts racing and s---.

Yayo: When you start feeling little ants and s---, like, "What's up with these ants in my body, what's going on?" Snoop will have you falling under the f---ing table.

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