In recent years, the Grammys have done just fine on autopilot. The awards haven't had a host since 2005, and last year's telecast drew a staggering 27 million viewers. This year, organizers have mixed things up and handed the reins to LL Cool J, who will preside over tomorrow night's (Feb. 12) ceremony at the Staples Center in L.A.

As the video below rightly points out, LL faces the difficult of task of making Grammy hosting cool again. Luckily, he's a double-threat known for both his rapping and his acting, and in that sense, the good-natured MC seems a fine choice for emcee.

He's unlikely to say anything too controversial, but he's got enough edge to keep the kids interested. Cross him, and he will knock you out. His mama said he could.

Watch 'Will LL Make Hosting Cool Again?'