LL Cool J's 1996 hit, 'Doin' It,' was the last time we really heard the rapper tell us about his rendezvous in the bedroom. But now he's back with 'All Night Long,' giving us some more kink and raunchiness.

Over a sultry beat laden with vocals expressing how much a lady wants him, LL raps about giving her what she wants and more with lyrics like "Stretch your panties out till they saggin’ like Huggies.”

"Take your clothes off / Let's have a pose off / Put it real deep / make you crave your toes off / Set you on fire then it's to hose off," he delivers.

The New York native obviously hasn't lost his touch with making the ladies hot and bothered. 'All Night Long' will surely be added to everyone's club playlist this year.

Listen to LL Cool J's 'All Night Long'